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  ( : a journal of poetry and poetics )

seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics comes out as the natural extension of the eight issues of Poetics.ca edited by rob mclennan and Stephen Brockwell. Highlighting the diversity of voice, style, practice and politic, seventeen seconds continues the resolve to provide a forum for dialogue on contemporary poetics, with a focus on Canadian writing. Over the past two decades, the amount of critical writing published in print literary journals on Canadian poetry, specifically, seems to have decreased dramatically, but slowly returned through a number of online journals. seventeen seconds simply wishes to help strengthen the dialogue and the ongoing conversation about writing through publishing new writing, and conversation about new writing. How else are we supposed to learn anything, unless we keep talking?

Twelfth Issue: Winter 2018

Joe Blades - Afterword, from Tribeca: Twentieth Anniversary Edition
Natalee Caple - Afterword, from The Appetites of Tiny Hands: Twentieth Anniversary Edition
Doyali Islam - Interview with Gil McElroy: Conspiracy & Community
Lee Parpart - Review: Kaveh Akbar, Calling a Wolf a Wolf
Lee Parpart - Interview with Kaveh Akbar
Stacy Szymaszek - from A Year from Today
Lary Timewell - Poems

Eleventh Issue: Winter 2014/15

Cameron Anstee - Living now In Ottawa: Williams Hawkins at the Margins
Michelle Detorie - The River
Claire Molek - The Valley
Sean Moreland - Cont(r)act: an interview with Mark Goldstein
Chus Pato - In Conversation with Elvira Riveiro
Andy Weaver - ssalGlass

Tenth Issue: Summer 2014

Michael Boughn - How long is long enough?
Margaret Christakos - Thresholds of Address, Embouchure and Blowjaw:
Victor Coleman - The Berkeley Poetry Conference
Marilyn Irwin - The Essence of Ambiguity in Poetry,
Donato Mancini - Snowball In Hell Turns To Billiard Ball
Erín Moure - De l'ire en Lire
Christine Stewart - from "Settlement"

Ninth Issue: Spring 2014

Amanda Earl - An Essay About Writing A Talk About Poetry
Brecken Hancock - Forensic Confession
j/j hastain and Marthe Reed - On Collaboration
rob mclennan - Chus Pato: three of five,
David O'Meara - The Information
Wanda Praamsma - a thin line between (an excerpt)
Jessica Smith - ekphrastic poems

Eight Issue: Fall 2013

Amy Dennis - COMPOSITION, c. 1950, (WOLS)
Phil Hall - Sue Goyette's Ocean: A Review of a Review
j/j hastain and Ming Jung Oh - Gastropod Notes
Joseph LaBine - Constructing Circles & Confounding Cannons
Gillian Wigmore - guesswork   love
Joshua Marie Wilkinson - The Easement

Seventh Issue: Summer 2013

Victor Coleman - from Miserable Singers
Jennifer K Dick - Invisible Collisions: Considering Susan Howe's Reform
Nicole Markotić - ds / junct: in/accessible poetry & the problem body
Gil McElroy - Chance and necessity
rob mclennan - Some notes on Mark Truscott's Form: A Series
Sandra Ridley - Testamonium

Sixth Issue: Winter 2013

Cameron Anstee - for VERSeFest: ‘this is the kind of poetry we want’
Nathan Dueck - from Th Passn o th Jpwn o Rc
Kathryn MacLeod:
  - post landmarks
  - Wandering Star (Journey to China)
rob mclennan - Shaped, and re-shaped: a short interview with Sarah Mangold
Pearl Pirie - Safety, Risk and the Brain in Poetry and Publishing
Elizabeth Robinson - On Lithography and other poems

Fifth Issue: Fall 2012    (download version with embedded sound)

Joel Chace - from itsstory
Sarah Lang - from "Home"
Christine Leclerc - An interview: Angela Rawlings records water, poetry
Angela Rawlings - Interview: Christine Leclerc at the border, documenting
Andrew McEwan - from Closure from Matter : two spacial essays
Barry McKinnon - When "I" left the stage: A realm of Attention/Intention
Deborah Poe - from the last will be stone, too
Steven Ross Smith - Why keep fluttering

Fourth Issue: Winter 2012

Camille Martin - from "Blueshift Road"
Marcus McCann - No Permission: Why Poets Don't (and Shouldn't) Ask Nice
Pattie McCarthy - from marybones
rob mclennan - Insect hopes: Jay MillAr's accumulations
Sean Moreland - "another brain:" An interview with Sandra Ridley
Monty Reid - Address to VERSeFest 1: How Come Inger Isn't Here?

Third Issue: Summer 2011

Derek Beaulieu: An irresponsible act of imaginative license
  - #1: kevin mcpherson eckhoff's Rhapsodomancy
  - #2: Bob Cobbing's GLOUP and WOUP
  - #3: Greg Curnoe's Deeds/Abstracts
Gregory Betts - Poets Against Authorship
Judith Copithorne:
  - Field 8
  - Field 13
  - Field 32
  - Field 34
  - Fleur 14
  - Massifs
Amanda Earl - Sessions from the Dream House Aria
Sean Moreland - An Inter(im) (re?)view With Pearl Pirie

Second Issue: Summer 2010

Tatjana Bijelic - Joe in the Balkans: an interview with Joe Blades
Carla Comellini - Conversations with John Newlove
Kathleen Fraser:
  - Horologic
  - surveillance of LECTURE: excerpt from a work-in-progress
rob mclennan - Love, Anne Carson: a fictional essay in the wrong order
Sean Moreland - An Interview with Dennis Cooley
Pearl Pirie:
  - in the estuary
  - funereal relief re-lives

First Issue: Fall 2008

Rachel Blau DuPlessis - Draft 91: Proverbs
Gil McElroy - Chain Home
rob mclennan:
  - a case made in lowers: an interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick
  - SEXING THE PRAIRIE; or, Why I Am/Not a Prairie Poet
Michael O'Driscoll - Alchemists of the Human Experience: an Interview with Vincent Ferrini
Betsy Warland - Scored Space