above/ground press:

Forcing Bloom
   Jenna Butler

Originally produced in an edition of 200 copies in February, 2008
above/ground press, isbn 1-897224-34-6

Of Forcing Bloom, Jenna Butler writes: "Forcing Bloom has been a collection in the works for a long time. It centers on the death of a close friend and mentor from ovarian cancer, her return engagement with a disease that just wouldn’t quit. The poems in the collection trace the course of both our friendship and her decline from 1995 until her death in early 2002.
The anti ghazal is a form I often write in and around. I am enamoured of the way in which it creates its own fractured narrative; there’s no evident story in each poem, or throughout the collection, but connections can be intuited like tentative beads on a string. Much of my work finds its basis in the natural world, and thus Forcing Bloom draws on images from nature to evoke emotional response. Death is always so close by in the natural world; it has its cycles and seasons. It is unquestioned and anticipated without fear."