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The tenth issue features new writing by Sylvia Adams, Cameron Anstee, John Barton, Stephanie Bolster, Frances Boyle, Heather Brunet, Sara Cassidy, George Elliott Clarke, Stewart Cole, Anita Dolman, JM Francheteau, Richard Froude, Elisabeth Harvor, Jenna Jarvis, Nicholas Lea, Michael Lithgow, N.L. Lea, Anne Le Dressay, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, Karen Massey, Justin Million, Colin Morton, Andrew Oliveira, Roland Prevost, Adrienne Ho Rose, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Tim Mook Sang, jesslyn delia smith, D.S. Stymeist, Priscila Uppal, Will Vallières, Gabriel Wainio-Théberge, Matthew Walsh and Deanna Young. Artworkl by: Anthony Tremmaglia, Ariane Beauchamp, Arpi, Fall Down Gallery, Marisa Gallemit, Mat Dubé, Patti Normand, Sarah Hatton and Scott Fairchild

Founded to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the City of Ottawa, Canada's glorious capital city, "ottawater," and its chemical formula/logo "O2(H2O)," is a poetry annual produced exclusively on-line, in both readable and printable pdf formats, and found at ( An anthology focusing on Ottawa poets and poetics, its first issue appeared in January 2005, 150 years after old Bytown became the City of Ottawa.

Long seen only as a town still echoing its origins as a backwater Victorian lumber town, and made up of bureaucrats and technocrats, and a more conservative poetics, "ottawater," edited by Ottawa-born writer, editor and publisher rob mclennan, exists to remind readers of what work is happening, and has been happening for years, despite government types insisting on repeating that the arts in Ottawa is about to begin. We say instead: we have always been here.

The first issue features work by various residents current and former, including: Stephen Brockwell, George Elliott Clarke, Anita Dolman, Tamara Fairchild, Laurie Fuhr, Gwendolyn Guth, William Hawkins, Matthew Holmes, Clare Latremouille, rob mclennan, Max Middle, Peter Norman, Monty Reid, Chris Turnbull and Ewan Whyte, interviews with poets John Barton and Max Middle, and reviews of work by Stephen Brockwell, Peter Norman and Shane Rhodes.

The second issue features work by various residents current and former, including: Stephanie Bolster, Louis Cabri, Rhonda Douglas, Jesse Ferguson, Anita Lahey, Nicholas Lea, Anne Le Dressay, Karen Massey, Una McDonnell, Colin Morton, Jennifer Mulligan, Nick Power, K. I. Press, Shane Rhodes, Sandra Ridley and Ian Whistle, interviews with poets Monty Reid and Chris Turnbull, and reviews of work by Diana Brebner, William Hawkins and Nadine McInnis.

The third issue features work by various residents current and former, including: Michael Blouin, Terry Ann Carter, Anita Dolman, Amanda Earl, William Hawkins, Elisabeth Harvor, Clare Latremouille, K.L. McKay, rob mclennan, Nadine McInnis, Max Middle, Cath Morris, John Newlove, Wanda O'Connor, Roland Prevost and Kate Van Dusen, interviews with poets K.I. Press, Stephen Brockwell and Shane Rhodes, and reviews of work by Laura Farina, Anita Lahey and Matthew Holmes.

The fourth issue features work by various residents current and former, including: Gary Barwin, Louis Cabri, John Cloutier, Michael Dennis, Adam Dickinson, Rhonda Douglas, Laura Farina, Andrew Faulkner, Laurie Fuhr, Chris Jennings, John Lavery, Nicholas Lea, Anne Le Dressay, Rob Manery, Karen Massey, Seymour Mayne, Marcus McCann, Christian McPherson, Colin Morton, Peter Richardson, Sandra Ridley, Priscila Uppal, Andy Weaver and Ian Whistle, interviews with Nicholas Lea, Anne Le Dressay and David O'Meara, and reviews of new books by Rob Winger and John Newlove, as well as artwork by various Ottawa artists.

The fifth issue features work by various residents current and former, including: Cameron Anstee, Michael Blouin, Stephen Brockwell, Monique Desnoyers, Amanda Earl, Jesse Ferguson, Warren Dean Fulton, Adrienne Ho, Sean Johnston, Ben Ladouceur, Lainna Lane, Marcus McCann, rob mclennan, Christine McNair, Colin Morton, Jennifer Mulligan, Wanda O'Connor, Pearl Pirie, K.I. Press, Roland Prevost, Monty Reid, Shane Rhodes, Suzannah Showler, Sandra Ridley, Mike Spry, Gillian Wallace, Zack Wells, Rob Winger and Rachel Zolf, as well as an interview with poet Nina Berkhout.

The sixth issue features work by various residents current and former, including: Sylvia Adams, John Barton, Sara Cassidy, Michael Dennis, Andrew Faulkner, Spencer Gordon, Gwendolyn Guth, Phil Hall, Marilyn Irwin, Robyn Jeffrey, Anne Le Dressay, Rob Manery, Karen Massey, Marcus McCann, Heather McLeod, Christian McPherson, Soraya Peerbaye, Richard Rathwell, Peter Richardson, Janice Tokar, Paul Tyler, Priscila Uppal and Catriona Wright.

The seventh issue features new writing by residents former and current, including Cameron Anstee, Michael Blouin, Jamie Bradley, Stephen Brockwell, Ronnie R. Brown, Faizal Deen, Monique Desnoyers, Rhonda Douglas, Amanda Earl, Laura Farina, Jesse Ferguson, Mark Frutkin, Katia Grubisic, Elisabeth Harvor, William Hawkins, a.m. kozak, Ben Ladouceur, Naomi K. Lewis, rob mclennan, Alcofribas Nasier II, Peter Norman, Roland Prevost, Monty Reid, Michael Eden Reynolds, Shane Rhodes and Chuqiao Yang, as well as interviews with Ben Ladouceur, John Lavery, Marcus McCann, Pearl Pirie and Sandra Ridley.

The eighth issue features new writing by Sylvia Adams, John Barton, Stephanie Bolster, Frances Boyle, Sara Cassidy, Anita Dolman, Richard Froude, Phil Hall, Marilyn Irwin, Alastair Larwill, Anne Le Dressay, Robin K. Macdonald, Rob Manery, Karen Massey, Christine McNair, Justin Million, Cath Morris, Colin Morton, K.I. Press, Bardia Sinaee, jesslyn delia smith, Priscila Uppal and Andy Weaver, an essay on writing by Anne Le Dressay, and new interviews with Ottawa poets Michael Dennis and Christine McNair.

The ninth issue features new writing by Cameron Anstee, Steven Artelle, Gary Barwin, Jeff Blackman, David Blaikie, Frances Boyle, Ronnie R. Brown, Colin Browne, Murray Citron, George Elliott Clarke, Faizal Deen, Amanda Earl, Laura Farina, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Mark Frutkin, Brecken Hancock, Carla Hartsfield, a.m. kozak, Ben Ladouceur, Nicholas Lea, Anne Le Dressay, rob mclennan, Cath Morris, Colin Morton, Alcofribas Nasier II, Peter Norman, Abby Paige, Pearl Pirie, Nicholas Power, Wanda Praamsma, Ryan Pratt, Roland Prevost, Monty Reid, Sonia Saikaley, Dean Steadman, Lesley Strutt, Rob Thomas, Lauren Turner and Vivian Vavassis. Artwork by: Andrea Stokes, Danica Olders, Genevieve Thauvette, Guillermo Trejo, Jeremy Shane Reid, Meagan Darcy, Mike Pender Peter Shmelzer and Stephen Frew.

ottawater would like to thank designer Tanya Sprowl, the ottawa international writers festival, and Randy Woods at non-linear creations for their continuing support.

for more information, contact editor/publisher rob mclennan at 613 239 0337.

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